Klotho the Fate

In Greek mythology, Klotho (or Clotho) was one of the 3 Fates (Moirai) who were present at each man’s life. Klotho, the first of the 3 sisters Moirai was the spinner of life, who used her thread spinner to create life.

Her sister Lakesis was the measurer, she used a ruler to measure the length of a man’s life, and finally the 3rd Moirai sister, Atropos, used her shears to cut the thread when she deemed necessary. Atropos means ‘she that cannot be turned’, meaning that once she decided to end a  man’s life, not even Zeus could stop her from doing so.

This mythology is interesting because it shows how much the concept of fate and predetermined destiny played out in ancient Greek society. Pretty cool story too.

more on the Moirai


edit – the weird coloration is due to the paper canvas being pretty large and it didnt fit my small scanner so I had to scan small sections and combine them.


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