Happy ‘Everyone Draw Muhammad Day’ everyone.

I didnt have time to draw another Muhammad caricature so I’ll repost the one I drew 2 years ago.

EDMD is not a simple gag designed to piss off religious Muslims. Its a response to vicious medieval barbarism and intolerance of different views, opinions and ideas by Muslims and other religious people who often bring charges of ‘blasphemy’ on anything that they deem offensive or dangerous to their ideology.  They demand automatic and unequivocal respect for their belief systems, no matter how deranged, insulting and backward these beliefs may be.

Just an example of how truly deranged these true believers are, there have been countless of cases of people being killed, tortured, imprisoned and blown up simply for being accused of ‘blasphemy’, one of those incredible charges akin to ‘witch craft’  that people read in history books and laugh at.

Psychopaths at work:

The absurdity and backwardness of the concept of ‘blasphemy’ in today’s time is an example of how awfully incompatible our 2 worlds have become, with 1 world insisting on automatic respect, censorship, intimidation and theocracy, and another world living in a society based on scientific facts, tolerance of opposing views and protected free speech.

With ‘blasphemy’ and similar censorship, there can be no comedy, no drama, no literature and no subversive and divergent thinking. This is the prime and clear reason why the Muslim world has been in a state of stagnation both scientifically and socially, ever since the end of the Muslim golden age in 1100 A.D. (a time when discussion and exchange of ideas was open and uncensored).  All this ended with al-Ghazali and his fatwa that science and math is ‘haram’ and is the ‘work of the devil’.  Religious idiocy took over, putting entire societies and cultures in a stagnant and stuck state for centuries. The conflicts we see today are a direct result of this process of events and a direct result of religious censorship.

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains the end of the Muslim Golden Age and the dangers of religious-driven extremism to societies.



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