Hi I’m Mike.

Blinchiki (Bleen-chee-kee) is my sketch journal where I post latest sketches, doodles and writings on bunch of topics, everything from animals, science, technology, geopolitics, religion and anything in between, all mixed with a dash of absurdity and surrealism.

Don’t expect constant updates here because I am a proud lazy-pants and abhor all kinds of deadlines. I’ll put new stuff up when I feel like it and whenever I get proper inspiration to draw something.

If you’re wondering what on earth is ‘Blinchiki’, its a Russian word for a really tasty Russian dish that resembles something like blintzes and crepes, often filled with cherries, apples and cheese, although you can also have them with meat and potatoes (preferably served with sour cream and cold vodka).

I have no idea what this has to do with sketching.

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