Kids Letters

Ink letters for my kid’s bedroom.  Click image for full size


New kid’s book coming soon!

Working hard to finish the illustrations and coloring for this new kids book. Its aimed at 3-7 year olds who want to learn the English alphabet. Should be ready in 2-3 months (I hope!). Currently looking for a publishing company that would publish this. I can publish it via Blurb, but Blurb is a bit too expensive. If anyone has any publishing ideas, shoot me an email.





My new kids book is out! Ku Ka Re Ku (Russian for Cock a doodle do).

Finally had a chance to get the book up, its a Russian alphabet book for kids with animal illustrations (very original, I know!)

Check out this 23 page preview, there are 42 pages of illustrations. The book comes in 2 formats (7×7 inches and 12×12 inches). The 12×12 format is larger and more vibrant but a bit more pricey.

Link to book

7×7 in. book

12×12 in. book

Working on a kids book.

Just found out my best buddy and his wife are going to have a kid, so next month or two postings will be slow since I’m working on a kids book that would be perfect for my buddy’s kid. I’ve been wanting to illustrate a kids book for a while now and this is the perfect opportunity.

Once finished I will publish it using Blurb or other similar publishing services and it will available for sale. The book is targeted for 1 to 3 year olds and focuses on learning the alphabet with some cooky characters like the monkey-boy illustration seen below. The first book will teach the Russian alphabet, and later versions will have English and Portuguese words and alphabet.

I dont have a name for it yet so I’m open to suggestions.