Michelangelo exhibit @ MET


Michelangelo’s treatment of female form is really weird, and has been bugging me since Ive seen the exhibit. His many works show women as basically men with boobs attached on top of male chest muscles. Really creepy stuff..


“Venus”.. yeah right! Thats a man baby!


This blog has an interesting take on all this.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s timeless gothic horror. Ranks along with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein “The Modern Prometheus” as one of the great masterpieces of English horror.

The young handsome Dorian Gray is eternally youthful and doesn’t age, a Faustian deal keeps him from aging as his painting ages slowly and grotesquely up in his attic…


Hallward turned again to the portrait, and gazed at it.
‘My God! if it is true,’ he exclaimed, ‘and this is what you
have done with your life, why, you must be worse even than
those who talk against you fancy you to be!’ He held the
light up again to the canvas, and examined it. The surface
seemed to be quite undisturbed, and as he had left it. It was
from within, apparently, that the foulness and horror had
come. Through some strange quickening of inner life the
leprosies of sin were slowly eating the thing away.
The rotting of a corpse in a watery grave was not so fearful.
His hand shook, and the candle fell from its socket on
the floor, and lay there sputtering. He placed his foot on it
and put it out. Then he flung himself into the rickety chair
that was standing by the table and buried his face in his hands.