Drew Struzan – Master Artist

I recently caught this fantastic documentary on Netflix, “Drew – the man behind the poster

Drew Struzan is the man behind incredible film posters that many grew up with, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Bladerunner and Back to the Future.


I knew most of these famous posters growing up, but had no idea who the artist was. I always assumed it was a different artist for each poster.  The art work is absolutely incredible, especially this timeless classic Bladerunner poster that captures the film’s atmosphere perfectly:

Drew Struzan Bladerunner

Drew’s style is mercurial, if you look at his work, each work has a different take and style, almost as if it was a different artist each time. His non-film work is stunning, the imagination and genius in the technique is incredible. Some of his posters (like the one below) remind me of those wonderful Absinthe posters from 1800’s.

Drew Struzan – Pan’s Labyrinth


Drew Struzan – Benny Golson

Watching the documentary, you get the feeling that Drew is not only a master artist, he is an amazing human being. Humble, thoughtful and gracious for opportunities he’s come across in life, its rare to see such a talented person with such graceful and humble outlook and perspective. What an inspiration as both and artist and a human being.

Check out Drew’s absolutely incredible work.


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