Funny moments in life

Sometimes you see things in life, that light up the day. The other day I was driving close to Manhattan’s upper west side, was picking up my girl from work. As I exited the highway, I saw a guy on a motorcycle pass by me on the right. He went ahead, and as he passed, I could see something furry sitting on top of his motorbike, between the gas tank and the body of the man.

Looking closer, I saw that the motorcyclist had a brown furry pooch sitting comfortably on a green quilted pillow, wearing motorcycle goggles!  The funniest part wasnt that the guy was riding around with his pooch, it was that the dog looked totally comfortable and in control on the motorbike, like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be riding on top of a motorbike, in the middle of the city.  Both the biker and the dog were wearing round, old-school motorbike goggles, like 2 good buddies going for a cruise!

I didnt have time to snap a photo before they took off, but this sketch is kind of what they looked like (in my mind at least). Little things like this is what makes life interesting.



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