Chris Achilleos – Amazona

I was browsing through the art section of Westsider Books store (one of my favorite book stores in NYC), and ran across this fantastic work by Chris Achilleos, a Cypriot artist who specializes in female and mythological art.

I picked up his recent book ‘Amazona’, and I loved the way Achilleos merges all kinds of myths into beautiful female characters.

Cover of ‘Amazona’

chris achilleos 1

Being a Greek Cypriot, he is obviously well versed with Greek mythology and has several examples of Amazons (from Homer’s Illiad)


The reason his work caught my eye is that Achilleos has an incredible eye for detail and cultural aestethic. The wonderful detail he puts into his cultural characters is incredible, for example the Egyptian Amazon has jewelry that was actually worn by Egyptian  queens, things like green jade scarabs and unique Egyptian braided hair.

Egyptian Pharao Amazona


Japanese samurai Amazona

Norse/Viking Valkyrie

He has tons of incredible work in his books, I highly suggest it to anyone wanting to improve their skills when sketching female characters.

His official website


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