The Met Museum part 2

I almost forgot to mention this,

Last time I was at this museum, there’s an older black gentleman (unfortunately I didn’t get his name) who sits close to the Perseus statue, and sketches the same statue, day after day.

Its not a stretch to say that I was shocked to see his work. His level of skill is absolutely astounding. The drawings seem unreal, as if someone took a photograph of the statue and applied a Photoshop filter to it. The sketches are almost 3-dimensional. He is truly one of the finest artists I have ever seen. If anyone knows who I am talking about and knows his name, please let me know.

He seems to draw the same statue day after day, perfecting his skill by drawing the same object. He can probably draw it with his eyes closed.

The statue is called ‘Ugolino and his sons’ by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux (1857), the statue depicts a scene from Dante’s Inferno, where the father Ugolino is condemned to starvation with his sons, Ugolino is resisting his son’s offer to use their bodies as food so that he may live. Dante was one fucked up cat!

more information on this amazing statue

The actual statue at the Met

The amazing sketch by the forementioned artist


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