The Metropolitan Museum of Art

living close to NY city definitely has its advantages. One of these is the ability to spend a few hours in my favorite museum, the Met. For a few bucks you get to spend a day surrounded by incredible sculptures and art. Being a Greco-Roman fanatic, I usually spend my time in those galleries, but on a recent trip, my girl took me to see the Asian art exhibit.

Asian art is definitely different from Western pieces, both in content and style. A challenge is to capture some of the magic that makes Asian art so beautiful. Here are some photos from the museum, some of my sad attempts to draw them and a final piece of a Roman sculpture of a royal lady (I couldn’t resist).

If you are in NY area, make it a mission to visit the Met. Its a real and amazing museum with some of the most beautiful and moving works of art I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from a guy who hates museums (especially all the bullshit called ‘modern art’ found at MoMA. ).

An Indian piece, I didnt get the name unfortunately. Beautiful pose and details.

my sad attempt at capturing it with quick coal sketch

Buddhist sculpture – I think. Its a deity with one eye open looking at our world, with another closed, observing the afterlife.

quick coal sketch

Bodhisatva sculpture, absolutely amazing.

The Roman lady


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